Thierry Lorho Thierry is a founding member of GMAP. He has over 25 years of computer engineering experience, and has designed and developed the machine thinking, Mileva. Based on information theory, a quantum approach, different patterns and models, notably behavioural ones, Mileva processes any issue by confronting its specific universe with the global intelligence, i.e. all the information flowing in the Internet. Public and international organisations, as well as academic institutions or private companies regularly use globe Expert: among others, NASA, MIT, Sanctions Committee to the UN Security Council… With Prof. Urs Luterbacher and Valerie Fert, he co-authored “Predicting Crises and Monitoring their Evolution” in “International Journal of Peace Economics and Peace Science” (Cambridge Scholars). He also currently works on a quantum approach of Decision theory. Thierry is a graduate of Mines/Telecom Paris and Paris Dauphine University (MBA).