OVelinOlivier Velin contributes to GMAP as an expert in risk and crisis management, Business Continuity Plan (BCP) with a focus on flood management. He has 20 years in operational and managerial risk management experience and has had extensive advisory experience in project management, crisis management, simulation & communication, business continuity, disaster recovery, safety and security. This has been conducted across the public sector, non-profit organisations as well as international quoted companies in many sectors such as industry, finance, cosmetic & luxury goods, railway transportation and information technology services. He has designed and registered a methodology which purpose is risk assessment, risk mitigation and implementation of risk management solutions. Since 2011, he has worked as an advisor and partner of Ernst & Young Consulting-EY. Following the publication of the 2010 OECD report, he elaborated and implemented the business continuity strategy of ten French public territorial organisations on flood occurrences of the river Loire under joined responsibility of C.E.P.R.I. (European Centre to Prevent Flood Risk) and Public Authority of Loire. Previously, he founded Pharesight Conseil (2007-2011), an advisory company specialized in diagnosis and implementation of crisis management plans and BCPs; he has collaborated with Marsh Risk Consulting (Marsh McLennan Group) on pandemic plans. In 2000-06, he advised the President and the IBM Crisis Management Team France, designed the EMEA pandemic governance and communications plan, coordinated the EMEA IBM Pandemic Plan and BCP, as well as designed the IBM worldwide pandemic offering for which he was granted the « IBM AWARD, 2005 ». In 1991-09, as Chief Insurance Management Officer, then as Chief Information Officer 1998-2000 at GMRA (Gestion et Maîtrise des Risques d’Assurance) he designed and implemented innovative risk management solutions, he was awarded the ‘1999 Oracle Success Story’ and was also in charge of managing a team of 42 insurance specialists. At Société Générale (1985-91) he elaborated the methodology and worldwide Crisis Management Plan as well as coordinated the Disaster Recovery Plan for the Group and subsidiaries, taking into account the Bank’s internal and external stakeholders. At Alexander Proudfoot International (1983-85) as the Energy and Engineering’ Installation Manager, he advised in energy savings and technical productivity engineering diagnosis and project implementation. Olivier Velin is the author of: ’Gestion de Crise: la réponse de l’entreprise’ – EFE- (2006) and ‘Plan de Secours’ (Disaster Recovery Plan) AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation) – (2004); many crisis management articles and is quoted in reports and interviews on the subject. As a lecturer for corporate universities and university, programs, Olivier Velin has designed a leadership-training module for Crisis Management Teams and Crisis Communication Teams – (2004-present). He is registered lecturer at EFE (Edition Formation Entreprise), in Paris. He is lecturer at St-Petersburg – Russia, State Government University of Economics in Corporate Finance, Control & Risk – (2011-2013), at Institut Mines-Telecom – (2009-present) and at ESIEA in Specialized Master in Security Management – Paris (2004-present). Olivier is often a speaker in international symposiums such as: AMRAE (French Risk Manager Association) – 2013; Saint-Petersburg – Russia – State Government University of Economics – 2011 & 2012; PMI Project Management Institute – 2012 – Paris.