Jean Vaissié graduated from the French Air Force Academy as an engineer in 1975. After flying schools, he joined the French Military Airlift Command where he qualified as a captain and was promoted Flight Safety Officer. In 1987, in charge of prospect in the French Air Force after a graduate course at the “Ecole Militaire” (Paris), he was also involved in R&D management, advanced studies, innovation policies, patents, and has carried on within the NATO “Research and Technology Agency” and the French MOD “Direction de la Recherche et de la Technologie”, to reach a ten years experience in futurology. Captivated by neural networks, at first the artificial ones, and the tricks to make them learn, he then left the Air Force (1998), diverted to cognitive and neuro-sciences and human brain’s “simplexity” in order to experience and study, for another ten years, the difficulty of implementing logical processing in school pupils’ minds. Working now on the non-logical way of thinking, so called “magic thinking” in the recent literature dedicated to gifted kids. Totalizing 15 different jobs, including activities in diplomacy, logistics, commercials, teaching, advising. Patent granted in 1989 “Voice Recognition of Natural Language by Neural Network”.