Jean-Benoît Charrin

Jean-Benoît is a human rights lawyer, sustainability expert and social entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of WaterLex, an international NGO devoted to secure the human rights to water and sanitation through law and policy reform. He is also the co-founder of FarmStrong Foundation, which supports rural communities in Western Africa, mainly Ivory Coast, notably by improving smallholders’ livelihood through the implementation of tailored programmes. He is a member of various boards, among them: the Swiss Water Partnership, and the COMET (Ecumenical Commission of Vaud Canton). He is the author of “Indigenous People and Integrated Water Resources Management” (UNDP CAP-NET, 2018), “Human Rights-Based Approach to Integrated Water Resources Management” (UNDP CAP-NET, 2016). Jean-Benoît holds a Master of Law (LLM) of the University of Essex, and a Master of Theology of the University of Fribourg.