Urs Luterbacher

Urs was Professor of Political Science at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies from 1973-2010. He has done work on problems of international conflict and cooperation and international environmental problems using formal models and game theory. He is also a member of ProClim the Forum for Climate and Global Change of the Swiss Academy of Sciences and of the Consultative Organ on Climate Change, a committee set up by the Swiss Academy of Sciences to advise the Swiss government on climate change. Urs has done work on dynamic models of arms races, the general theory of conflict and cooperation, game and rational choice theory, political systems modeling and more recently on the analysis of conflict and cooperation related to environmental questions. He has been visiting professor at the University of Michigan and the University of Nebraska. He is the author of several books and articles on arms race modeling, conflict and cooperation, and international cooperation about global environmental change. His latest work on International relations and global climate change was published by MIT press. He has also published articles on international water policy and management issues, and was involved as the main social science investigator in a research project on water issues in mountain regions of the World called ACQWA, financed by the European Commission under the Framework Program 7 research program.