Valérie Fert

Valerie is a founding member and the president of GMAP. She created and managed International Focus, a firm located in Paris and dedicated to the strategic analysis of emerging countries and transformation trends, which has supported the design and development of the cognitive system Mileva. By using Mileva, she led future-oriented studies for NASA, MIT, the Sanctions Committee for the UN Security Council and corporations. With François Mabille, she edited a collective work on “Environmental Issues and International Relations”. Together, they also performed an analysis processed by Mileva and concluded, against all the forecasts, that Cardinal Bergoglio would probably be the next pope.  She also carried out analyses on the European position regarding a possible amendment of the International Telecommunication Union treaty, the probability of a crash in the cyberspace and Bashar Al Assad’s future, with Urs Luterbacher. Before establishing International Focus, she worked in media and publishing, where, she filled several senior executive positions in La Vie – Le Monde Group over a twelve-year period. Valerie graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure and  the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, two French institutes for higher education, and was awarded degrees in history and in philology of ancient western Semitic languages. Within GMAP, she conducts research on epistemes and patterns of major historical transformations.